A post shared by Konidela Daughter on her Instagram account is now Viral

Mega Daughter Nebula is leading a more joyful life after marriage. Married for a month without turning .. The camera came forward and surprised everyone. No longer are they more active on social media than ever before. Is sharing with fans about his personal professional life.

As the latest .. a post she shared on her Instagram account is now going viral. Nebula posted a photo in it .. but the secret in it is that ‘only he knows’! Deliberately .. Nebula who wanted to create suspense among netizens .. made this funny comment. And what is in that post so far ..?

In that post .. we see a nebula with a locked mouth in the center fresh ad. As a caption to this photo .. ” I will not tell that secret .. If so how can it be a secret? ‘ The heiress of Konidela asked jokingly. However .. Nebula gave a hint on what to do to know about that secret.

“Only Joseph Radhik knows that secret,” Niharika said in the post. Who do you think is Joseph Radhik? He is none other than the photographer who took the nebula-conscious wedding photos. Everyone knows how viral photos taken with one’s own creativity can be on social media. If that is the case then maybe there is a secret that only this photographer knows about. And yet .. does anyone know ..?

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