Bollywood director undresses for an item song: Priyanka Chopra

Fully popular as a Bollywood beauty, Priyanka Chopra has entered Hollywood and is now a global star. She fell in love with American singer Nick Jonas and married him and has continued her career ever since. In this context, Priyanka took another step and released a book titled ‘Unfinished’ which contains some important events related to her life. The controversial issues she mentions in it are surprising.

The unfinished book, which reflects all his memories, was released on February 9 (Tuesday). In it, Priyanka Chopra openly described the difficulties she faced during the shooting of her film. Entering the film industry from a small village in UP, she revealed many things until she won the Miss World title. He described his bitter experience with a director early in his career, saying he was looked down upon by directors.

The Bollywood director is said to have dressed up as part of the filming of an item song for a movie. She said she was shocked when he told her to leave a garment on each shot and look at your panties. However, he refused and told the director that he would wear skin-colored clothing to keep his body invisible, but he was angry. The book states that he also said the same thing when he finally spoke to Stylish.

You can wear anything. But the pants you wear should also appear on the screen. Priyanka revealed that she was angry when the stylist told the director that the audience would come to see the film. Salman intervened on his behalf in the matter and the controversy ended.

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