Bollywood Mouni with hot look in pink bikini on the beach

No need to introduce Bollywood hot girl Mauniroy. Mauni impressed with her amazing dance in the special number in KGF Chapter 1. After that it became sinful in the South as well. If all goes well, she will have to act in any Telugu film by now. Mouni’s name was heard opposite several star heroes at the time but for some reason nothing took off.

She is currently busy with a series of movies in Bollywood. Not to mention the Mouni Bikini Treat as an insta platform. The Mouni Glam Show has become an insta platform to constantly chilot fans.

Mouni winds have recently become a hot topic on Bikini Beach. In the evening, I saw a bikini fish in the beach sand. Appeared with a hot look in a pink bikini. Mauni Roy gave a beautiful caption to this photo. ‘Like a songbird in the sea,’ she said, expressing her joy and excitement.

The photos of the beach series enjoying the onslaught of the waves on the so-so Mauni sand are impressive. It is rumored that Mauni Roy will soon be marrying Dubai-based banker Suraj Nambiar. However, Mauni has not officially confirmed this. Mauni made a guest appearance in Brahmastra after the GTV series London Confidential. The movie will be released soon.

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