I love you Bangaru … Niharika posted very lovingly

Is there any latest trending post on social media … Needless to say, it was a nebula. It is learned that Nebula got married in a glorious manner last month with the spirit of Jonnalagadda.

Her fans were disappointed that Nebula would move away from the silver screen after a natural wedding. But nothing like that happened. Nebula has always been busy in his career with double the enthusiasm. From this one can understand the level of motivational motivation.

The couple, who recently went to the Maldives for their honeymoon, enjoyed the week there. Later, Anchor teamed up with Anasuya Bhardwaj to make a web series called Nebula Series.

In this context, a post made by Nebula on social media is going viral. I love you Bangaru … Niharika posted very lovingly. But this is not meant for consciousness. Greetings from Nebula to Bawa Vaishnav Tej.

The latest surge movie hero Vaishnav’s birthday is January 13. I love you gold .. you know how much I love you yesterday .. Nebula posted as Love You Wish.

Although Vaishnav Tej and Sai Dharam Tej are boys in a row … she is considered as an elder brother. They also know that Nebula is loved as a sister. They have a strong love affair as they grow up to meet everything from a young age.

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