Pooja walking from the airport in Chitti Potti Frock

Pooja Hegde shines as Lucky Cham with an industry hit film like Ala Vaikunthapuram. Youth were mesmerized by the way Trivikram unveiled the sale as a basket. Pooja Hegde beautifully unveiled her toe beauties in chitti short frocks throughout the movie. Bunny plays a guy who gets fed up with those beauties.

Freshly seen once again with the same look at Pooja Airport. This time in Chitti Potti Frock, there is no one who is not enchanted by the pooja beauties walking from the airport. All eyes of the people are on that frock. The design of the frock, which elevates the original Thai elegance, looked impressive.

On the other hand, it is reported that Pooja `Radheshyam` has completed the shooting and left for Mumbai. There are lots of movies in the next queue. She has also acted in many crazy movies in Bollywood. Akhil is also known to be starring opposite Most Eligible Bachelor in the film.Pooja walking from the airport in Chitti Potti Frock

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