Saipallavi with Gopichand….?

When Sai Pallavi ranged. Movies are surrendering year after year. Sai Pallavi is starring in `Vedalam`,` Ayyappa and Koshyam remix ‘. Apart from these, two other films have agreed. Now Gopichand is also trying for Sai Pallavi in ​​the film.

It is known that Gopichand is the final hero of a movie directed by Maruti. UV and Geeta Arts are jointly producing. The official announcement came on Thursday. Now the heroine is on the hunt. The team is contacting Sai Pallava for this film. The title `Pakka Commercial ‘is under consideration. The information is that Gopichand is a lawyer.

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  1. Like videos on the internet. I think people should have to have proof, cause there are a lot of trolls, you know people with no life that have nothing better to do than screw things up for everyone else..


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