Sanya Malhotra with Corporate Look Thai Shows

With just a single web series, that celebrity name has crept in and out of industry circles. She lived in the warming bedroom scene in that series and raised followers all at once. Sanya Malhotra is the seller who lived by the concept of `Sex Tape Video Leak`. Ludo – Aditya Roy Kapoor in a hot romance with Netflix series.

Sanya was very excited at the time about the love making scenes with Aditya Roy Kapoor in Ludo. The scenes in the bedroom with all the beauty seemed to mean a lot. But all my friends like me are so happy! The votes were spoiled with a provocative interview. Malhotra-Aditya Roy Kapoor appeared as lovers in Ludo.
Anurag Basu has been critically acclaimed as the director of the series.

“Aditya Roy is a very good actor .. My God .. He is very handsome .. Who would not be happy to work with such a good actor and such a handsome man? I’m really happy. My friends are happy with me, “said Sanya.

The couple starred as ex-lovers whose sex tape was leaked online. They choose a mission to remove it a few days before her wedding with another man. What happened after that? That is the story of this series. When asked about filming sex scenes in it, Sanya said .. “If the script needs these scenes .. I don’t care. But there is some hesitation in the shooting of those scenes .. because there are so many people around us. The lights and cameras scared me even more, ”said Sanya.

Sanyaki also has a huge following on social media. Sanya’s latest photoshoot has gone viral on the internet. The corporate look Thai shows were on fire. The comments of the guys saying that Malhotraji is too hot are warming up. As Sanya did so only to the extent that the scene demanded.

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