Telugu Kurrabhama in the photo that landed in black and white

In the Tollywood industry, Telugu girls are easily asked for commitment. Tejaswi Madiwada, a young woman who made bold comments in the media recently, said that if they do not do such things, they will try to kick her. Tejaswi entered the industry with the film Sirimalle Chettu in Seethamma Wakit. It is said that becoming Telugu has become unfortunate in the industry. Because it is difficult to find opportunities for Telugus in the industry. It is still difficult to be selected as a heroine. And then the real challenge is to continue as a heroine. At a time like this, Tejaswi became a heroine with a movie called Ice Cream. The dare for this sale is very high. That’s why it’s always trying to be bold. In the years since entering the industry, Tejaswi has not yet become a busy artist.

Waiting for the right opportunity. In fact, this Telugu waste got more craze through a reality show called Bigg Boss. With the Bigg Boss show, let the people of Tanento know .. how dare he is. But Maxim became popular as the Queen of Controversy in Bigg Boss. Because Controversy for sale means a lot of fun. That’s why any face stands out in the news for saying yours. Movies aside, there is a kind of good following for brilliant beauties on social media. From time to time he shares photos and videos related to himself. Recently Tejaswi posted a glamorous pic on Instagram. If you look at this lad in that photo that landed in black and white you will understand how bold it is. Teju, wearing a white top, lay on the bed and posed for a photo. Kurragundelu urukuntaya .. heated and making bold comments. Meanwhile, Tejaswi has recently made a movie called Commitment. Sell ​​the lip lock scene together in that movie. Netizens seem to have gotten in the way.

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