The star heroine reprimanded a netizen who was trolling her on Instagram

Today is not a good day compared to today. Everything is going public. There is no secret that can keep a secret. All of this is a big influence on social media. The new threat brought by digital. There is no such thing as a curtain that celebrities do not see among the common people. With the advent of social media, every celebrity is one click away. Ordinary people are also talking to celebrities at will. Excited with the culture of swearing.

Attempts to psychologically harass with extreme behavior on some social media, however, are causing a stir. Some mentally handicapped people take pleasure in misleading celebrities. Many celebrities of this type have been victims. Deepika Padukone has recently joined this list.

Abuse of a netizen insulting Deepika has recently raised the heat. Deepika reprimanded someone who had repeatedly trolled and harassed her through direct messaging on her Instagram account. Deepika was impressed by the way the troll took the swear word that you are a bitch.

“Wow! “Your family and friends should be very proud of you,” Deepika shared a screenshot on her Instagram stories. The highlight was making him feel ashamed by doing so live.

If you look at Deepika’s career .. she will be seen with Hrithik Roshan in the next movie called Fighter. Prabhas will be seen in the Hindi remake of The Internship as well as Sarasana O. 83 starring with her husband Ranveer is getting ready for release.

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